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Okkulth Magick I (Okk032)

Published November 21, 2008

This is the first celebration of the Okkulth magick. These are the rules when submitting a track for an Okkulth label sampler:

1. The theme is occultism.
2. Ambient, drone or dark noise only.
3. The title of your track should be exactly 1 word long, expressing your view on occultism.
4. Maximum length of your tune: 15 something minutes.

More information? Contact us!

“Magickal invockations (I)”

4 - AEP - 10111000111
[MusicBrainz (recording)]
Run time 86:28


The intention of Okkulth releases is that they are dubbed onto a cassette. These songs will fit onto two sides of a C90 tape. It is recommended that you use the PDF file to print the artwork. In the unlikely event that you want to burn a CDR, you can use either the low-resolution thumbnail file or freely alter the artwork provided in the BMP image.

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